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So you are thinking of coming to Africa on a safari. First time? Been here before? Either way, we think it is a smart move on your part to visit Africa. You will be coming "home"! Yes, you want to come to Africa - to tour, to see Uganda, Rwanda or East Africa, to go on safari, to experience Gorilla Tours, to see the sights that this magical continent has to offer. And you will see them, spectacular as they are. But you will leave Africa with a heavy heart and a lump in your throat. Mere spectacular sights don't cause that - spectacular people do! It is the people of Africa, combined with the sights and the animals on a safari, who make Africa the place it is. Take time to go through our website safaris, to learn about GoExplore Safaris and hopefully allow us to share this continent of Africa with you - this special place that we call home! The itineraries that we have loaded are mere samples as every holiday is tailor-made for each client, the possibilities are infinite!

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