GoExplore safaris Serengeti National Park – A True Wildlife Treasure in Tanzania

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Serengeti – A True Wildlife Treasure in Tanzania

This is Tanzania’s ultimate flagship tourist destination, a place that leaves most visitors on Tanzania Safaris in owe. The most common statement you will hear from travelers who have gone on a Safari in Serengeti is, “Serengeti has it all”. 

About Serengeti National Park 

To begin with, Serengeti is not only the oldest park in Tanzania but also East Africa’s most famous national park with quite a number of international accolades.  The word Serengeti directly translates from a local Masai word,”Serengit” which means a place of endless plain. When you get to visit Serengeti, you are forced to think this is a country on its own because of its endless yellow grasslands dotted with odds of acacia trees, majestic rock kopjes, and other hypnotizing landscapes. 

The rivers and woodland areas will give you another side of Africa that you will see nowhere else especially the magical sunsets as they blend in the tall trees. This magic can only be experienced when you go for a Safari in Serengeti and this park will be your highlight for Tanzania before you checkout for other epic destinations like Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park and Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park for your Uganda or Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari.

Home to Over one Million Wildebeests 

Serengeti National Park has become an ideal home to over 1.5 million migrating wildebeests the largest wildlife migration you will ever see on planet earth. With a mixture of over 200,000 zebras looking for water and fresh grass, this migration is secretly referred to as God’s last creation. The predators like lions have been forced to follow this migration as it moves and this prey-predator interaction has been showcased on many international wildlife shows. In short, these are some of the facts that make Serengeti extraordinary.

With all this prey, Serengeti has emerged to be the only park with the largest predator population in the whole world and you will be bound to meet this while on a Tour in Tanzania and to be specific when you add this park to your safari itinerary. These predators include the big African Lions, Leopards, cheetahs, and scavenging hyenas looking for survival. With this combination of prey and predator, our safari team guarantees you the best ever safari game drives in this endless land. 

Hot Air Ballooning in Serengeti National park 

Before the park was reserved, the Masai people used to leave in this land looking for water and pasture for their cows as well as hunting down the wild animals in this park. These people predominantly live a pastoral life with a unique culture that you will not find anywhere else in East Africa. Right after your safari game drives or Hot air Balloon Safari in Serengeti, you will have an optional visit to the Masai Village for a cultural tour, an experience that you should never miss out on while on your Safari in Tanzania.

Best Safari In-Game Viewing Spot in East Africa

Besides the safari game drives here, the other excellent way of experiencing the beauty and wildlife of Serengeti is flying with the hot air balloon in Serengeti. This safari experience begins as early as 6 am in the morning as you get beautiful 3600 views of the rising sun and hunting predators especially the lions. This Luxury Tanzania Safari activity always ends with a magical bush breakfast, a safari experience that you will live to tell. 

With all this said, believe us Serengeti is a true African wildlife hub, a treasure to Africa for we are so proud to have it on our motherland and there is no excuse for not visiting this beautiful destination in Tanzania. 

The GoExplore Safaris team is very fond of this destination as they have preselected the best accommodation facilities for you. Our safari guides can’t wait to share their knowledge and passion for wildlife and culture with you. With that said Let's explore Tanzania! Let’s explore Serengeti National Park!


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