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To most Travellers have been wondering what this stunning place Kidepo Valley National Park is and where it is located? However, the questions have been very many for the Year 2018 and most of the Travel Specialist here at GoExplore Safaris Luxury Boutique Safari Company have been asked about the things to do while one visit Kidepo National Park. On 9th August 2018, CNN Travel Named the best African parks and Kidepo National park took the second position after the famous Serengeti National Park in Tanzania where GoExplore Safaris Tailors Luxury Safaris to this enormous destination as well.

With the comprehensive plains of This Beautiful place, Kidepo and the Narus Valleys is out overshadowed by the gloomy mountains’ cape of the famous Mount Morungole. This Mountain is a well-known shelter for the Locals famously known as the “IK Tribe” for their Authenticity in their culture and way of life. This National park has massive charm just for scenery alone if you have been to Kenya’s’ famous Masai Mara Game reserve then you will bring the comparison here in Uganda, however this lovely destination is well equipped and bring up the far-fetched animal sightings and less crowd visitor numbers, and you have a front-runner for this destination.

The rapacious Kidepo predators’ prey on roving herds of more than 3,000 buffalo (the total population in the park is said to be about over 11,000 and you will often see big herds of elephants moving across the plains impressively along the Narus valley.

Our Ugandan Safari Specialists and Guides will definitely organise for you a winning safari to Kidepo, where you will embark on a -/+ 12 hours road trip to this beautiful park or We work with Aerolink Uganda (fairly expensive private charter flight) which we partner with and can take you to Kidepo national park for -/+2hours with the most stunning views of Uganda’s carefully created topography. The Park’s conservation effort by Uganda Wildlife Authority has contributed so much to its preservation and many other bodies have been involved in the protection of wildlife in this area. GoExplore Safaris will organize your safari with overnights at the most Luxurious lodge/Camp in Kidepo called Apoka Safari lodge and a mid-range camp called Kidepo Savanah Lodge.


If you are a first-timer, If the journey to Kidepo is not appealing, Uganda also has Murchison Falls National Park and it is hard to beat for the precipitous excitement of the falls themselves and very easy wildlife viewing from boat cruises to the deltas and bottom of the falls of the Nile twisting its self in the gorge.


Of course, not forgetting the greatest of the odds! Uganda is just a remarkable destination where you are first timer or a continuous traveler everyone falls in love with this small and carefully created country where you will find half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas roaming in the famous Jungle of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a life-changing experience and chimpanzees can be tracked on foot at Kibale Forest National park.

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