GoExplore safaris Gorilla Tracking Uganda & Rwanda - All you need to know about Our Gorilla safaris

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Gorilla Tracking Uganda & Rwanda - All you need to know about Our Gorilla safaris

Gorilla Tracking Uganda safaris are dedicated to responsible and affordable Gorilla safaris to Rwanda and Uganda. GoExplore Safaris provides reliable information about Rwanda Gorilla trek costs (Volcanoes National Park, Uganda Gorilla trek costs (Bwindi National Park), discounted Gorilla permits and availability, gorilla families, what to pack, accommodation, transport to Bwindi National Park , best time to visit mountain Gorillas and so much more. GoExplore Safaris organizes budget, mid range and Luxury safaris to Uganda and Rwanda. Contact us for Group tours, gorilla trekking costs,Family holidays, gorilla safaris, Cultural and community tours and so much more. Browse Suggested Uganda Gorilla Tours in our suggested safari Itineraries.

GoExplore Safaris offers affordable prices for gorilla safaris to see mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda. We combine gorilla treks with wildlife viewing, chimp trekking, cultural and community interaction to give you an authentic African holiday experience. No hidden costs as all our safaris are all inclusive and fully guided by professionally trained guides who are knowledgeable in as far as Uganda’s flora, fauna and history are concerned. Take advantage of our low season gorilla safari offers in April, May and November and our 3 Day Budget gorilla tour or 3 day bwindi gorilla safari from Kigali please click on the below for more gorilla tour package sample tours and contact us for details.

Whether you are booked on our 3 day Uganda gorilla trek to Bwindi or 11 days Rwanda gorilla trek, we encourage you to make sure that your gorilla safari to Uganda or Rwanda impacts on poor rural communities positively. We have patterned with communities to offer you activities run by neighbouring communities near Bwindi National Parks so that you experience an authentic Uganda cultural experience. Income from these ativities goes directly to the community developing projects like hospitals and school. This is a life changing experience that will make you proud while in Uganda. Activities include canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi and Mutanda, visiting the Batwa (Pygmies), Toms home stay experience in Bunyonyi or stay in campsites operated by communities, cattle watering and milking at Rwenjeru Campsite, visiting community museums, community walks and hikes around Lake Bunyonyi and so much more. Travel responsibly, spend less, enjoy our adventures and support communities. Contact GoExplore Safaris for Authentic Uganda and Rwanda gorilla treks combined with community visits.

GoExplore Safaris safari company is a specialist in organizing gorilla safaris to Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. In addition to gorilla trekking, we offer a variety of wildlife safari experiences which include chimpanzee tracking,bird watching game viewing tours, mountain hiking, eco tours and cycling trips in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.Intrestingly, our safari packages are designed around clients’ needs, interest and time.

Our gorilla trips are available all year round best priced to fit in every traveler’s budget. Enjoy gorilla tracking in Africa and discover much of Uganda wildlife safaris, which can be explored in different Uganda national parks in different corners of the country. Fortunately, GoExplore Safaris offer both short trips and long safaris all inclusive to offer real experiences that will last in your memory forever! Would you desire to combine your gorilla tour with a traditional Uganda safari?

GoExplore Safaris is ready to offer you the best options and take you on a thrilling tours in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo. We will satisfactorily fulfill your holiday dream!