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Meet Our Team

Brian Ahereza - Business Development Manager.

Brian is our Team Leader born from a small Village in Mbarara District home to Lake Mburo National Park. Having played around Lakes and Rivers as a child, his love for nature developed and he always says “life would be mythical without Traveling”. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism from Makerere University, he created an exploration company because he believes in exploring the whole world. His leisure time is occupied by photography, reading, nature and wildlife. His Favorite destination is Botswana having expansively journeyed around East Africa.

Ronah Ninsiima - Senior Reservations Manager

Our Senior Reservations Manager was Born and raised in Uganda, Ronah has vast knowledge for the African Travel business and she has a strong aspiration to show others the entire Africa. Her degree in Travel and Tourism has given her the exposure by working with people from all over the world. She doesn't consent challenges and her motive is to exceed the clientele’s expectations.

Brenda Nakigozi - Senior Safari Planner.

Our Senior Safari Planner Proudly Ugandan whose passion for the African Safari industry is ever growing. She joined the industry through an internship project. She has spent over 3 years in the industry and her passion for the industry is ever escalating. Her mission is to create unrivalled experiences for anyone who wants to travel for both leisure and Adventure. After all she earned herself a degree in Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Alvin Wallace - Safari Planner and Digital Marketer.

Alvin is our Safari Planner and Digital Marketer, after his Bachelor of Information Systems and technology, he traveled the best spots of Kenya and East Africa where his passion for the African travel was born. He has undying love for Nature and photography, this keeps generating a wider and loyal clientele on social media.

Scot Rowe – PR and Marketing | America.

Scot manages our marketing in America and an American. His love for East Africa started in 2016 when he started working in Uganda. The same year he visited Namibia while on his work in Uganda, he fell in love with Uganda on an extensive work program and later went back home and realized he could come back with a focus on East Africa. Scot loves to be out in nature and has a keen passion for travelling in Africa. His free time finds him watching Wildlife Documentaries or going out for adventurous activities.

Justin Kenj – PR and Marketing | Swede

After her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Justin found herself in the travel industry where she got a chance to train several sections of tourism and travelled a lot while on her Marketing programs around Uganda and East Africa. Her passion for tourism intensified and she moved to Sweden where she narrates her story to the Swedes. These stories have inspired many travelers to visit East Africa, she has managed to travel to Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania to complete her East African Dream Vacation. Justin is our Destination Marketing specialist for East Africa at GoExplore Safaris.

Dickson Atwine – Head Safari Guide.

Dickson has been in the tourism industry from 2000 and has studied in both Uganda and Kenya, with many varied tourism and guiding qualifications, he is passionately involved in all aspects of tourism at GoExplore Safaris. He loves the peace and tranquility of nature – showing this to guests is where he puts his best energy, he loves Gorilla Trekking, it is his best Wild/jungle activity.

Chris Ndyabagye – Fleet Manager | Safari Guide.

Chris was born and raised on lower slopes of Western Uganda home to the best tourism attractions. As a young boy he used to listen to interesting stories about wildlife from his father, this motivated him to pursue his career in guiding. Chris has a passion for learning about birds and mammals. He trained with Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA) on Wildlife pursue. Chris is well versed with the wildlife around East Africa and he knows all the corners of our safari vehicles, he fixes them.