Explore Uganda – The Pearl Of Africa

Have you ever aspired to get up-close with mountain gorillas commonly known as the gentle giants in their natural rainforest habitation? then a safari to Uganda will bring on your anticipations. You will Bragg a 90% success rate at finding habituated gorilla family groups in the surprising Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, gorilla trekking in Uganda has developed to one most powerful African wildlife experiences and such is its success that the gorilla population is actually mounting.

But don’t think that a safari in Uganda is only about gorillas in rainforests: this non-coastal East African beautiful country is home to a range of diverse national parks and is a robust competitor for one of the world’s best bird-watching destinations and among the best in Africa. Talk of Murchison Falls National park or Queen Elizabeth National Park for classic big game viewing, chimpanzee trekking and river cruises on the River Nile twisting itself in the gorge.

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Why Visit


Uganda holidays are famed for giving travellers the once in a lifetime chance to see the endangered mountain gorilla on a gorilla tracking adventure in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Uganda is also home to many other highlights, such as the Queen Elizabeth National Park, which gives you an opportunity to encounter much of Africa’s impressive big game, including elephants, hippos and tree-climbing lions. Wildlife viewing is at its best during the park’s two dry seasons from January to February and from June to July.

You also have the opportunity to see chimpanzees in the wild, with your best chances of a sighting being in Kibale National park, Semliki Wildlife Reserve and Kyambura Gorge. Kibale forest shelters a total of 13 primate species, including some 1,500 chimps. It is also home to over 200 different tree species, creating a truly remarkable landscape as a result; no trip to Uganda is complete without a visit to this incredible expanse.

Quick Facts

Peak time
January – May-September & December
Best time to visit
December – March & June – October
Famous for
Mountain Gorillas & Rwenzori Peaks
Price per day

Why you’ll love it

Uganda is quite simply one of the best travel destinations in the world! Whether you’re wowed by landscape, wildlife or culture, or you simply seek adventure, Uganda is almost certainly the perfect destination for you.

One of Uganda’s main highlights is Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. This is where you can find half of the world’s mountain gorilla population. Encountering these endangered animals in their natural habitat is truly a very special experience.

Something to think about

Uganda is renowned for its great primate journey treks, the country is also a remarkable wildlife safari destination. Queen Elizabeth National Park is the country’s foremost destination for timeless game viewing and Murchison falls national park.

Being one of the most biologically diverse parks in the world, the national park offers potential sightings of elephants, hippos, crocodiles, buffalo and a variety of antelope species, to name a few especially while on the Nile Cruise and the Kazinga Channel. Even when we think about other destinations but the stars of the show are unquestionably the legendary tree-climbing lions that call the park home in ishasha.

Discover the iconic destinations to Visit

Bwindi Forest National Park
This jungle of steep mountains covered in thick forests is as magnificent and impenetrable as its name suggests. It is considered the most important forest reserve in Uganda. Consequently, Bwindi Impenetrable national park covers an ... More
Lake Mburo National Park
Located in the southwestern region of the pearl of Africa, Lake Mburo national park sits on an area spanning 260 square kilometres. It is famous for being the only place in southern Uganda with zebras. Lake Mburo is one of the few na... More
Queen Elizabeth National Park
Queen Elizabeth National Park alone shelters over 95 species of mammals scattered throughout the different areas of its landscape. Expect views of spotted hyenas, duikers, Banded mongoose, the elusive leopards, Topis, Defassa waterbu... More
Kibale National Park
Kibale Forest National Park boasts the highest diversity and concentration of primate species in the African Continent, hence making it the Primate Capital of Africa. You can encounter at least three-quarters of its 13 different prim... More
Kidepo Valley National Park
Located in the rugged semi-arid valleys along the border of Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan, Kidepo Valley national park are one of the best tourist destinations in East Africa. Hosting over 475 species of birds and over 77 mammal spec... More
Mgahinga Gorilla National Park
The next best thing to seeing the mountain gorilla is the chance to track the golden monkey, a little-known bamboo-associated primate listed as ‘Endangered’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Endemic to the Al... More

Where to stay

5 out of 5 star
Mount Gahinga Lodge
5 out of 5 star
Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp
5 out of 5 star
Buhoma Lodge
5 out of 5 star
Kyambura Gorge Lodge
5 out of 5 star
Ishasha Wilderness Camp
5 out of 5 star
Chimpanzee Forest Lodge
5 out of 5 star
Ndali Lodge
5 out of 5 star
Kyaninga Lodge
5 out of 5 star
Paraa Safari Lodge
5 out of 5 star
Bakers Lodge
5 out of 5 star
Lemala Wildwaters Lodge
5 out of 5 star
Lake Victoria Serena
5 out of 5 star
Kampala Serena Hotel
5 out of 5 star
Lemala Wild Waters Lodge
5 out of 5 star
Nile Safari Lodge
5 out of 5 star
Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge
5 out of 5 star
Mihingo Lodge
5 out of 5 star
Apoka Safari Lodge
5 out of 5 star
Hotel No.5 Boutique Hotel
5 out of 5 star
Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge

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What to know before you go

Traveling is the most fun thing to do, but it can turn into a nasty affair if you don’t do it right. Proper research and planning is necessary to make it enjoyable & memorable. So, when you get down to plan your next adventure, do your homework before stepping out into an entirely different place, amidst a culture you’ve never experienced before, and people you’ve never met before! Here are various things to know before travel that can make wanderlusting an all the more easy and hassle-free travel for you.

Visas & Passports

Visas & Passports

What to Pack

What can I pack for my safari ?

On flights and land-based tours within East Africa, each passenger is limited to a maximum baggage weight of 33 pounds (15 kilograms). This includes the weight of purses and camera equipment in addition to regular luggage. Luggage restrictions are adhered to very strictly and passengers should pack their bags accordingly. Soft-sided luggage or duffels are preferable to hard luggage for storage on safari vehicles and also on aircraft used throughout East Africa. Dimensions should not exceed 23 inches (58 centimetres) long x 13 inches (33 centimetres) high x 10 inches (25 centimetres) wide.

As a convenience, GoExplore safaris provide each safari guest with a guide who is readily available at the airport by the time of your arrival.
This makes it easier for our guests to feel at home once they arrive because your driver guide will collect and manage your luggage for you.

Packing List

For your African safari, Visit Our Comprehensive Packing List Here

Note: Many properties provide insect repellent in rooms/tents. However, you may wish to bring your own preferred brand.
Laundry Service is available at most hotels, lodges and camps. Because some laundries in East Africa do not accept any underclothing, be prepared to wash your own smalls. Laundry techniques may not be suitable for delicate and/or synthetic fabrics. But we recommend our guides to advise on whatever might come up.

Getting there

Getting There

Entebbe International Airport:
Located 35km from Kampala, Entebbe is Uganda’s international gateway. Visitors usually arrive via Nairobi. Regional flights such as Bar Aviation, and Aerolink are operating and connecting to different destinations within the country. At GoExplore, we help our clients in scheduling these regional flights.

Kigali international airport
Kigali International Airport: A short drive from Kigali, Rwanda’s point of entry is served by a direct flight from Brussels otherwise you’ll be flying in from Entebbe, Nairobi, Lusaka or Johannesburg. It’s about a 2.5-hour drive from Kigali to the gorilla trekking destination

Health & Safety

Healthy & Safety guidelines

Money & Tipping

Money, Tipping & Gratitudes

The question of when and where not to tip can be difficult in a foreign country. We give you a quick guide to tipping destination guides, safari guides and waiters in Uganda/Kenya/Tanzania/Rwanda/Congo. In East Africa, it is normal to tip your driver/ guide at the end of a safari or hike, as well as any cook or porter that accompanies you. A figure of roughly USD10-20 per day would be a fair benchmark, while decisions regarding tipping rest entirely with you, we suggest some advice and that’s why we say it’s better to check this with your safari company in advance.

I see no reason why you shouldn’t give a bigger or smaller tip based on the quality of service. It’s not essential to tip the guides who take you around in the national parks and other reserves, but it is recommended, and the tip will surely be appreciated by the recipient, assuming the service has been excellent, anything given out is just fine.
In some African countries, it is hard to travel anywhere without being latched onto by a self-appointed guide, who will often expect a tip over and above any agreed fee.

Travel Insurance

Is travel insurance a necessity ?

At GoExplore Safaris we understand that a trip to Africa is a significant investment. It requires time, money and expert advice, and you need to be sure that you’re dealing with a trustworthy company. You don’t just want a great trip, you want complete peace of mind, before, during and after travel.