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What To Expect On a Typical Day On A Safari

Ever Wondered what it’s like to plan your safari in Africa, most people get overwhelmed by a safari in Africa, however GoExplore Safaris your Boutique Safari Company is your ultimate deal for your safari planning holiday. Whether it’s a Honeymoon Safari, a family safari, or an adventure safari it all zeros down to the Expertise we have collected and gathered over time.

Where to Go in East Africa.

East Africa Being a single Block in Africa has been eye marked by many travel enthusiasts where at least a lot is on a plate to discover countries like Uganda where you go on one of the highest altitudes of Africa that is Mountain Rwenzori and Explore the amazing experience, not only Rwenzoris are famous for your adventure trip in Uganda, you can get on that Boat on the Nile for a cruise where you will find Giant Elephants swimming across the Nile and share space with them, and The Primates being one of Uganda’s top on the do list. Rwanda Is another Place Primates also rejuvenate in the thick jungles of Africa, Magical Kenya is an absolute Wild Destination for your typical safari in Africa, Kenya is home to the World’s famous Masai Mara game reserve home to the migrating wildebeests. Tanzania is one of those destinations famous for the Beach in Zanzibar but let’s not talk about the coast and save it for another read here. You Will Explore the Serengeti National Park and be overwhelmed by Nature’s masterpiece at the Ngorongoro Crater Area.

Our Experience In East Africa is coupled with How deep we go further in learning every detail in planning your African Safari. Start Exploring our Guides to be inspired on your Journeys beyond the map with us. Explore Our  Below Destinations

Uganda – Explore Uganda The Pearl of Africa

Relatively like Our neighbours, Rwanda, Uganda has been off the dark shadows of the past and grown into its deserved title as the “Pearl of Africa”. Often overlooked as a safari destination, this small, landlocked country packs one hell of a punch when it comes to bucket-list experiences.

Uganda is Proudly famous for its primate experience and Gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking are on top of travellers’ lists. With its highest concentration of primates in the whole world, ranking up there, A Safari into Uganda where you will see some of the most incredible and rare species like the tree-climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park and you are able to spot thousands of elephants in the wild roaming around.

Uganda’s Scenery will blow your mind from the Jungles to the beautiful crater lakes regions, to the River Nile squeezing itself in the Gorge in Murchison falls national park Uganda’s Largest National park and Savanah Park, to cruising on the Nile with the Wildlife. This is a magical place with enough to keep even the most indomitable travellers enthralled and excited.

Where To Stay in Uganda

Accommodation in Uganda is as varied as the landscapes that you’ll be contemplating from under your duvet! Generally speaking, Safari lodges tend to be larger structures with more facilities – swimming pools, spas, a restaurant or two – Bush camps are the most intimate of all (some as small as 6 rooms!) or you could go one step further and take a bed roll and a mosquito net and GoExplore experienced guide!

Explore Uganda More

Rwanda – Land of a Thousand Hills

Rwanda’s Strides continue to Go up being a small East African country this is now one of those incredible destinations travellers are yawning for, from Kigali City alone to the lush Green Vegetation of its forests in The Volcanoes National Park And with vast tracts of unspoilt, luscious vegetation, spectacular sightings of iconic mountain gorillas in the mist, dense jungle forest and a healthy dose of culture and promise in Kigali, there’s plenty to show off and a lot more than first meets the eye.

As a country that has gone through the Turmoil of the Genocide in the early 1990’s almost 30 years ago, Today Rwandans celebrate Unity among themselves our Rwanda Guides will show you how amazing and incredible the country is celebrating each the peace and happiness in the country and while on safari with us in Rwanda this is among the perfect Safari experience.

Where To Stay in Rwanda

Rwanda’s Vast and Incredible Camps vary from Luxury to High-End Lodges from Kigali City to The Jungles of Volcanoes National Park and to The Savanah Plains in the Akagera you will be spoilt for no choice, Inside and around all these amazing Jungles and Bush Areas of Rwanda, it has welcomed some of the African Luxury brands into the tourism space around the tourism chain.

Kenya – Magical Kenya

You are Looking for a classic Typical Safari in Africa; Kenya is that one special country from the storybooks most people have read when they are booking an amazing safari and exploring the savannah plains to Meet the Incredible Masai Nomad Warriors. Kenya Is the Original Safari Destination and home to the famous migrating wildebeests in the Masai mara game reserve.

A Kenya Safari Can take you south, west, and the undulating North of the Area into the Samburu area famously known for the arid thornveld and amazing leopard sightings in the bush, taking you to the stunning Views of the Kilimanjaro Mountain in the Amboseli National Park and witnessing some of the spectacular herds of Elephants in all the angles of your sight. Our GoExplore Experts Could Plan for you a safari for almost a month into this iconic destination to experience first-hand from safari to the coast, but it would still not be enough to see it all.

For More Detailed Planning information we have to go you covered read more about Kenya 

Tanzania – Unforgettable Tanzania

We Have planned incredible journeys around East Africa but, looking for that action-packed, wild game viewing, great migration in the grummet rivers Tanzania is the sole ultimate bucket list wild experience. We Have a Term Tanzania is one destination you will think of and the safari bag will bite you once you are on safari. An Experience to Tanzania to Explore the incredible game and end with the Indian Ocean coast Zanzibar is the perfect one. This is one destination that is loved by honeymooners and our figures crossed we planned some incredible safaris along this chain

Browse Some Of Our Tanzania Journey Safaris Here

Tanzania, without a doubt, is the best safari destination in Africa that has it all with its incredible wildlife from the savannah to the coast being the biggest country on the East Africa block, this amazing space has vast lands and almost a third of it is protected areas and so making you get spoilt of choice. This is a game drive haven where you will wake up in the morning and at least spot something from the entrance of your camp/lodge. With a Vast choice of activities yes, we mentioned Uganda Being the best in terms of Primates that’s no doubt however Tanzania’s Mahale National Park also is home to Chimpanzees and trekking can be done here as well.

Serengeti National Park is a safari paradise from Spotting the Elusive Cats (Leopards, Lions Cheetahs and so many more) to the thundering hooves of the Wildebeests during the Great Migration One of those Natural Wonders Tanzania being a Safari Giant Star you will find yourself sharing some sightings with other tourists in their safari 4X4 Jeeps.

When To Go to East Africa on Your Safari

There’s really no ‘bad’ time to Explore Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya & Tanzania but depending on your safari style, there might be a time of year that suits you better. June to October across much of sub-Saharan Africa is considered the ‘best’ for a safari in Kenya & Tanzania and Rwanda, Uganda’s Rain Forest where you will get down to track the elusive mountain Gorillas, it’s not a must whether it will rain or not however being a rain forest, you would expect rain anytime. During the dry season and the weather is dreamy (but getting hot towards October) and the animals congregate around water making them easy to spot. The rains tend to fall from November to April in most countries in East Africa has a reprieve over December & January.

Our GoExplore travel experts can assist you with all the need-to-know details – contact them for in-depth expertise on booking your next unforgettable adventure here

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