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A Ugandan Culture - Ewaffe Cultural Village

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Culture is what defines us, at Ewaffe Cultural Village, this experience offers one an outstanding identity from the rest of the world. For the many reasons one gets to visit Uganda, our beautiful cultural practices are ones not to miss. Ewaffe Cultural Village celebrates the Baganda culture of the many tribes in Uganda. Ewaffe whose name originates from a luganda phrase meaning Our Home. The very green beautiful cultural village offers an enchanting opportunity for ethnic tourism lovers to engage in Buganda’s rich cultural heritage.

Ewaffe Cultural Village Location

Situated within Naggalama Mukono District, the Ewaffe cultural home is just 1 one-hour drive from Kampala making it more accessible for visitors. On arrival, you get welcomed by melodious alarms and a participatory cultural dance followed by drums and traditional songs lighting up your mood for the day. You get briefed about the activities to expect while on your visit which is followed by eating coffee beans and banana juice locally known as Omubisi as a sign of welcoming you into the home. This practice is locally known as katas The very first activity is the medicinal trail where you get to learn about the local species of plants and how they are locally used as herbs or spices in the Baganda culture. Traditionally in the Buganda culture, women were responsible for fetching water from the well in well-designed clay pots. While at Ewaffe Cultural Village, women are offered pots to go to the well and take part in how the activity was performed traditionally as your second activity.

What To Do While at Ewaffe Cultural Village

While walking to the well, one gets to have a therapeutic village walk where they see the village people practicing their daily way of living. Welcomed by a traditional dance from the well, one gets served a fruit platter which includes several fruit types grown at the village farm for example sugarcanes, jack fruits, pineapples, mangoes, watermelons, and so many others as a way of refreshing from the activity. With aunts locally known as Sengas, these will take you through another session on how to make the famous Baganda delicacies since it is their role to train a girl child how to make local meals in preparation for marriage. They will also train you how to make the famous banana juice.

You will also move to a nearby stream to take part in Fishing and in case you get any fish, you are allowed to have it yourself. By afternoon time, a whole buffet of locally made delicious foods will traditionally be served accompanied by fresh fruit juice for you to enjoy. Ewaffe Cultural Village is famous for its best groundnut sauce which is a highlight for most previous visitors, myself included. After the meal, you will have sex education sessions from both the aunts and uncles since it has always been their role in Buganda Culture to train both girls and boys for marriage.

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In Buganda culture there were several traditional games children and adults took part in during their leisure time for example skipping ropes accompanied by traditional songs, hide and seek, and very many others. While at Ewaffe Cultural Village, one takes part in all these games as a form of entertainment and relaxation after the whole day’s activities.
Among the many destinations to visit while you explore Uganda, the Ewaffe Cultural Village is one not to miss for an exclusive cultural experience. Learn more about this experience and combine a cultural tour with one of our Uganda signature safaris.

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