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DRC has grieved tumultuous ups and downs over the course of its long history that springs back years ago. As was so often the case, with the coming of colonialism (in this case Belgians), the area’s wealth of resources led to conflict and systemic abuse, which, then independence in 1960, have continued to experience repercussions. Fortunately, the DRC is relishing a period of considerable peace and stability, even in the historically volatile east, and the growth of tourism is only helping to consolidate; its economic and cultural benefits clear.

And that’s prodigious news, as the DRC really is a spectacular country. Our Incredible safaris to Congo’s Gorilla Safaris and the Gorilla Trekking & Nyiragongo Tours  There is a vast array of locations in the DRC for the discerning traveler. When you consider the fact that much of Africa’s most popular melody originates from the country, there’s amply of proof that the DRC isn’t solitary for nature-lovers and offers copiousness of cultural practices to immerse oneself in.

There is a huge array of locations in the DRC for the discerning traveler, extending from the vast urban sprawl of Kinshasa, with its high-end hotels and restaurants, to slighter conurbations like Goma in the east.

The DRC’s wilds, nonetheless, are decent enough to visit. The wildernesses and the foothills of the volcanic peaks are prominent for their primate populace, including the endemic eastern lowland gorilla, as well as okapi, giraffe, and elephant, and the forests also bid an abundance of birdlife. It is a republic bursting with surprise.

Areas of the DRC are more analogous to a European Alpine landscape, particularly around the Virunga Mountains, which plays host to two national parks, both UNESCO World Heritage sites – Virunga National Park and Kahuzi-Biega.

Best visited either at the commencement or, better still, in the middle of the year, it has a petite dry season (January / February), a short-wet season (March to   April), a long dry season (May to September) and a long-wet season (October to December). However, please note, given that Virunga possesses both the country’s highest and lowest rainfall levels (Lake Edward and Ruwenzori west, respectively), the best time visits will depend on exactly where one desires to go.


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