Ultimate Travel Packing list
Our Sample African Safari Packing List

Please note that the list of items packed is dependent on the number of days your adventure is extending for. keep in mind not to carry to much luggage as a general rule of if you can not lift your luggage then you have pretty much packed too much :)

Your clothing should be easy to wash and dry and should preferably not need ironing. Avoid synthetics, which can be very uncomfortable in hot weather. Many people underestimate how cold Africa can be – remember your jersey/jacket! There are also nights that are warm but you must still wear clothes that cover arms and legs from mosquitoes, or there are days that are warm but nights that are freezing so plan carefully. Take a set of casual but smart clothes for the occasional evening out in a restaurant or club. If you wear glasses (or contacts) it is also advisable to bring a spare pair along.

Additional Items